Dispensary Corner 15 Jul 15

Do you need 10,000 calories?
Well here it is, made to order
but you’ll probably have to wait in
line due to its popularity.
The Farmers Arms public
house is a quaint little country
pub in a little known area of the
country called Burscough, West
Lancashire, UK, but according
to LADbible, is presenting to the
world the 10,000 calorie burger to
beat all burgers and appetites.
Social media has apparently
played a big hand in popularising
to more than 2.5 million
Facebookers the venue and its
special fare, lovingly named “The
Haystack” (pictured).
In case you desperately want
to add a few inches to your
waistline, but can’t travel to
Burscough, simply knock together
a 40 oz beef burger, melted
cheddar cheese, eight onion rings,
eight rashers of bacon and a few
extras such as fat-dripping chips.